Sunday, September 26, 2010

To Buy, or Not to Buy

Photo from The Christian Science Monitor
Okay, so I might just do it...

I am an early adopter and have been a loyal iPhone user since iDay 2007. The day everything changed-the first time. I lived in Oklahoma City and it was the Heartland of ATT if you will, so I had no regrets of my choice and have largely been a fan. There are three things that since that day have turned my world into mush:

  1. Marriage
  2. Move
  3. Baby

As evidenced in my header photo, the 1 yr old daughter who is just as enamored with tech as I am is a BIG thing. She feels entitled to everything in this house that is even mildly techy. Her Dad even gave her her own XBox controller and she KNOWS when the battery is out. I get to use my ipad when she sleeps...
Photo from Ubergizmo
Moving to Hawaii has also put a damper on things, because the ATT service here is just not as great as it was in the midwest. Suddenly in 2010, my iPhone is not the fancy new love of my life and I'm seriously considering moving on to a new love - its name you ask? Android. Yup I said it! Google's be everywhere mantra has gotten me all into Voice and Buzz, not Docs so much just yet, but when ATT is a huge #fail in my house (which BTW is at all times and yes it's ATT not the phone) - Google let's me call mom without even considering the minutes.
Now some of the latest and greatest of Android, such as a Droid X or the Evo are a: too big and b: not carrier friendly for me - I'm not quite ready to jump into CDMA land just yet. Now LTE...maybe.

Anywho, the husband, the 1 yr. old and I were out shooting the breeze and happened across the ATT store. The hubby had never had hands-on the iPhone 4 so we dropped on in. As most are; he was impressed by the crisp fun display. Having already had said magical moment, I chatted up the workers while he fell into the retina-displayed-angry-birds-vortex. The manager started telling me about this NEW magical and Captivating device. Now this device has Android 2.1, with Froyo expected to arrive any day now. Front and rear facing cameras and super AMOLED display. Yes, dear friends, I'm heavily considering a Galaxy S. The screen looks good and it has,or rather will have two things that are really enticing me right now: toddler lock and wifi tethering whenever Froyo hits. I am waiting to check it out once Froyo does land, because I want to be sure not to be on board if ATT cripples the mifi-esque feature, which I can still achieve via legally jail broken iPhone. I've heard no word on there being a toddler lock in the Cidia App store, however and that is an increasingly attractive functionality.
I haven't completely decided whether, or not I jump ship, but I CAN get the Captivate on a 1yr vs. two year contract so that if I don't entirely like the experience I can wait my year out and go back to my iPhone...

To Buy, or Not to Buy still remains the question.